Aircraft technical maintenance

First European Aviation Company, as a Part-145 Service Organization, specializes in aircraft technical maintenance.

We employ highly qualified specialists, including licensed mechanics with extensive experience in working with various types of aircraft. Our staff includes mechanics holding licenses for the maintenance of aircraft such as MD Helicopters 369 Series, Eurocopter EC135, EC130, AS332, EC 225, Robinson R22, R44, Cessna 152, Tecnam P2002, P2006T. We are proud of our particularly extensive experience in operating MD 500 helicopters.

Depending on the requirements, we send our service specialists or pilots to you to service or transfer your aircraft to one of our service centres in Poland or Sweden.

In terms of the services we provide, we are distinguished by professionalism, high quality and reliability which we achieve through an advanced system of planning and cooperation (especially vital in the cooperation between AMO and CAMO) and an efficiently functioning logistics department.

SIn the First European Aviation Company Sp. z o.o. we commercially use our own aircraft, thanks to which we particularly understand the needs of our customers in terms of timely technical maintenance to ensure that the aircraft is constantly airworthy.

First European Aviation Company Sp. z o.o. invites all owners and users of aircraft to cooperate in the technical support of their equipment. We provide the highest quality services and take a customised approach to our customers’ needs.